Ah, who doesn't love summer? There's so much to enjoy. Gone are the questions whether you should bring a jacket or umbrella, everybody's mood - including our own - has lifted, and there's more daylight to enjoy all the things we want to do and see. What's not to love?

If, however, there's one downside to summer, it's that it's often costly. Whether you travelled abroad or indulged in a staycation, when you look at your bank balance and tally-up all the drinks and meals out with friends and family, it can feel like your wallet has a hole in it!

Spending Trends

Almost 22,000 households participated in the annual Ferratum Group Summer Barometer, which explores consumer behaviour over summer. This year's results showed that survey participants in Norway would spend 68.5% of their monthly salary on summer, with Latvians, Croatians, and Mexicans following closely behind.

The survey showed that domestic travel was the most popular expense this summer followed by summer fashion and social activities. Those who were travelling this summer said nearly 40% of their entire summer budget would be allocated towards travel.

When it comes to making transactions, more than 50% of survey participants said they would be using cards instead of cash this summer and over 60% of all survey participants said they would be using mobile banking for their banking needs.

The Best Things In Life…

Although summer officially finishes at the end of September, there's still plenty of sunshine predicted and no shortage of events and happenings. But the truth is, it doesn't take a lot to enjoy summer. In fact, it's often the simple things that bring us the most joy and leave the best memories. As the saying goes, “the best things in life are free”.

With that in mind, below are five simple ways to enjoy the extended summer weather which won't cost you a thing: 1. Swim or Take a Walk Along The Water After Work

Why save all the fun for the weekend? With the sunlight continuing long into the evening, taking a swim or walk along the water after work – be it a beach, lake or river – is a simple luxury.

Instead of sticking to the routine of going home after work, making dinner and watching TV, create a beach day after work once or twice a week. Talk about making the most of the day - it'll feel like two days in one!

2. Picnic After Work

We often save weekends for breaking our routines and doing eventful things like going to restaurants or having picnics. Make the most of this beautiful weather midweek and invite friends or work colleagues to a picnic in the park after work.

Organising a picnic doesn't mean you have to play host – ask everyone in the group to either buy something to eat from the store or bring something from home.

3. Go For a Morning Run

Wake up earlier and use the extra daylight and the warmer weather to energise your body and mind.

We all know that during the colder and darker months, it's hard to get up and go the gym, so use summer to your advantage and go for a morning run outside a couple of mornings a week.

Not only is it good for your body but it also gives you an extra hour or so to enjoy being outdoors.

4. Take a Long Walk Through Nature

Whether in a group, with a friend, or by yourself, take the time to enjoy a long walk in a nearby park or garden preferably one surrounded by lots of trees or water.

Spending time in nature has many proven benefits including stress relief. If you need more motivation to take a walk, just remember that during the colder months you'll spend a lot more time indoors. So, take the opportunity while you can.

5. Read In The Park

Take a newspaper or book, grab something comfortable to sit on and spend an afternoon just reading in the park.

Often, we spend the weekends or evenings racing around trying to do everything on our “to-do” lists when what we really need is to “stop and smell the roses”. And what better way than to read outside.

Here's to enjoying the sunshine without breaking the bank!

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